A Rather Cheesy Topic

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What better thing is there to survey teenagers on than the subject of food, specifically pizza? After all, out of the 60 people I surveyed, not a single person said they disliked pizza, which was actually a little bit of a surprise to me. For boys, the most popular type of pizza was by far peperoni, which 52.5% of guys preferred. Out of the girls, however, the most popular choice was cheese, which 50% said was their favorite. One thing I found intriguing was that 17.5% of guys enjoyed other types of pizza including buffalo chicken, pineapple, and steak. On the other hand, only 10% of girls enjoy other types of pizza, such as Hawaiian and mushroom. This shows that boys seem to have a more adventurous appetite. Overall though, the most popular choice of pizza was pepperoni, which 48.3% of people chose as their favorite.

By David Pfalzgraf ’15

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