About The Nichols Edge

Mission Statement:
The Nichols Edge is a student-run publication that exists to distribute high-quality news and entertainment to the worldwide Nichols community. Our job is to give Nichols students the opportunity to express themselves in a meaningful way.

2015-2016 Staff:
Parker Ortolani ’16: Co-head & Designer
Jillian Gately ’16: Co-head & Editor-in-Chief
Matthew Igoe ’16: Opinion/Editorial Editor and Contributor
Nicole Luko ’16: Editor & Contributor
Cullen Lampasso ’16: Social Media
Ms. Caitlin Crowell and Mrs. Nina Barone: Faculty Advisors

Opinions and viewpoints expressed herein do not necessarily reflect those of Edge or Nichols School.

Alex Fisher ’15, Parker Ortolani ’16 and Jillian Gately ’16 revived Nichols News in the Spring of 2013. Since then, they’ve published over 100 student articles. In February of 2014 the first print issue was distributed. In 2016, we’re rebranding Nichols News and calling it The Nichols Edge. The name change comes from the popular phrase used by Nichols students. The change will also be accompanied by new content from old and new writers and photographers.

If you’re interested in contributing to Edge we encourage you to contact the editors at nicholsnews@nicholsschool.org. You can also visit Mrs. Barone in the admissions office or Ms. Crowell on the second floor of Albright Hall.

General inquiries and comments should be directed to Parker Ortolani or Jillian Gately who can be reached at ortolani.parker@nicholsschool.org or gately.jillian@nicholsschool.org