Baked Goods Take a Back Seat to Frozen Ones

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With report cards coming out soon many Nichols parents are looking for a way to reward their kids for god grades. A sweet treat may be a good option for you and your children. It seems that Nichols students get quite excited over dessert. As I was recording some of my data I couldn’t help but notice some eyes peak up from textbooks when I said anything about ice cream, cake, cookies, pie, or brownies. The real questions are, what dessert Nichols Students prefer, and what grade are they in.

Once the results were totaled it became apparent that ice cream was the most popular dessert at the illustrious Nichols School. Obviously this frozen classic must fuel brain power!! Of 43 polls received 40 % chose ice cream as the favorite dessert, though only the sophomores (53%) and the seniors (34%) had a majority of voters choose ice cream. The juniors still had 3 ice cream lovers (30% of junior voters) and the freshman had 1 (33% of freshman voters). The freshman data didn’t sway the overall vote much because of all small sample size of only 3 total voters; they are tough to hunt down. However 2 of the 3 freshman that I was able to find voted for pie. Couple that with the 4 juniors of 10 juniors polled choice of pie and pie has a nice showing at Nichols School with around 21% of the voters placing pie as their number one choice for their after dinner dish. Unfortunately for all the pie makers out there, your product wasn’t quite as popular as the easy to bake cookies. Consistency is what helped Santa’s favorite snack come away with the second prize. 20% of juniors and seniors chose cookies, along a solid 33% of sophomores. This totals out to 10 of 43 or 23% of voters. According to Nichols students cakes (12% total) should probably stay put as a birthday only tradition and brownies are probably best inside of the Betty Crocker box at the grocery store (4% total), but the two seniors who picked each dessert might argue against that.

Though you probably can’t go wrong with any dessert since the range of the data I collected was so spread out through the five desserts, it does seem that ice cream is the right choice to please an entire crowd due to the majority of votes. Trust your instinct and I am sure you will make the right choice for your child. This is just a guideline! For any kids reading remember this only goes for good grades. Any bad grades and no dessert for you!

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