Byron Brown Dominates the Polls, Wins Re-election:

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Byron W. Brown has won re-election as the city’s mayor. He dominated the city polls, capturing seventy percent of the popular vote. His underfunded and largely overlooked Republican opponent, Sergio Rodriguez, was lapped in the voting booths. Mayor Brown utilized a pool of strong campaign funds to comfortably win a third term. In a night dominated by Republican celebrations, the Statler Hotel was ringing into the early morning with cries of democratic “progress.”
The off-year elections were dominated by the Republicans, Brown’s victory is one of very few Democrat successes. However, the mood was still high at his campaign headquarters. In his victory speech, Mayor Brown praised voters on recognizing the work that his team has accomplished over his first eight years in office, celebrating voter recognition that his job is not yet finished. And it is true, the City of Buffalo has seen some incredible infrastructural improvements during his tenure. Both the renovation and expansion of the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus and the vast revitalization of the waterfront have taken place under his supervision. The rise of the Harbor Center during the election season was the trademark example of the ongoing “progress” occurring in our city, a physical representation of a renewed economic interest in modernizing the downtown core. The combination of development and a residency lacking major scandal -unlike that of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford- spurred a dominant performance in the polls.
After a long Tuesday election day, Mayor Brown finally appeared to his supporters. He praised Buffalo as a city on the move, ensuring his backers, family, and the general public that the next four years will see continued growth. Mayor Brown proudly declared that “the voters spoke loud and clear.,” obviously, he believes he is the right man for the job. While there may never have been a doubt that he would win re-election, the numbers show a resounding victory: out of an unofficial total of 34,744 ballots, Mayor Brown took 24,432 votes. With the election season now behind him, Mayor Brown will now look to continue making Buffalo a more affordable and more innovating city.

By Alex Fisher ’15

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