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When I played for the Nichols hockey team last year, we would often get many fans to attend our home games. We loved the support from the student body but one night, the hockey team and the basketball team both had home games at the same time. I wondered how this would affect our fan section; did more people prefer to watch hockey or basketball? This question has interested me ever since that night, so I decided to find out once and for all with the help of a survey. My survey was a multistage process in which I stratified the school’s population into different age groups (freshmen, sophomore, junior, senior, and teacher) and then randomly selected one boy and one girl advisory from each grade level. The data that was produced can be used to help increase fan attendance at school sporting events because from my survey, 90% of the school population likes sports.

Don’t schedule home games at the same time…

When asked which game they would rather attend, 51% of participants selected hockey, 31% selected basketball, and 18% selected neither. However, this doesn’t mean that those who selected hockey don’t want to watch the basketball game as well. When asked if they would watch both games if they had the opportunity, nearly 60% answered yes. Just from looking at this statistic, one way to increase fan attendance is to schedule the games at different times, because most people want to see both.
Friday time slots should be booked before Saturday slots…
Another factor that can influence fan attendance is the day of the week on which the game falls. Would more people go to a game if it were on Friday or if it were on Saturday? When asked, 37% of participants preferred games to be on Friday, 15% preferred Saturday, and 34% didn’t care. By using these statistics, we can infer that fan attendance can be increased by scheduling games on Friday night as opposed to Saturday night, because 71% of people prefer this.
Provide transportation to away games…
The last bit of my survey dealt with away games. It’s obvious that you usually don’t get as many fans when you travel to another school for a sporting event, so I wondered how you could fix this. If the school would provide transportation, perhaps a bus, would students/faculty be willing to take the free ride to an away basketball game against Canisius? My survey shows that about 60% of students would be willing to try something like this. Teachers on the other hand, were not so apt to ride on a bus full of loud children when they don’t have to; only 33% of teachers would be interested in taking a bus to away games.

Preferred Sport to Watch:

Black = Hockey
Light Grey = Basketball
Dark Grey = Neither

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Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 7.23.00 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 7.23.12 PM

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By Griffin Lunn ’16

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