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In the life of a teenager today, Netflix is a common source of entertainment. Many high school students enjoy both casually watching a movie or binge-watching a tv series. With the workload that comes with being a Nichols student, it is hard to imagine students finding the time for Netflix. After conducting a survey on 61 Nichols high school students, it is clear that watching Netflix is a daily habit for many students. I conducted a stratified random survey which divided the high school into four strata by grade. Two advisories from each grade were surveyed, one boy and one girl. While my goal was to compare Netflix habits by gender, the strata were necessary to get a representative set of data for the entire high school.

In the survey I asked two questions: How many hours of Netflix did you watch yesterday and how many last weekend. On the Tuesday, 16 of 61 total students (26%) reported watching Netflix. Of those 16, 11 of them were girls. This suggests that girls watch more Netflix than boys on weekdays. Over the weekend, 38 of 61 students (62%) reported watching Netflix, and 18 of those students watched more than two hours. Of the 38 that reported watching Netflix, 19 were boys (50%). This suggests that boys watch the same amount of Netflix as girls do on weekends.

In conclusion, the majority of students are very focused during the week and do not rely on Netflix to relieve stress. On weekends, it is a different story. 62% of students surveyed watch Netflix on weekends, and there is no distinction between male and female. In my opinion, the popularity of Netflix among students will increase over the next few years to the point where a majority of students will be watching on weekdays.

By: Evan Brason ’16

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