Nichols Dance Ensemble Presents Annual Choreographer’s Showcase

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The Nichols Dance Ensemble will present its annual Choreographer’s Showcase on February 28th from 7:00-8:15pm in the FPAC, admission is free. This year, dance members are working to create dance pieces of all forms/styles. At this time, students are rehearsing in areas all around the middle school, preparing for the big night. A student could be rehearsing with an umbrella in the atrium, while in the main studio students can be found dancing together to a throwback song; “it’s a lindy-hip, so it’s kind of like a fast swing dance” (Ryan DiPaola ’16). From a Chinese dragon dance to contemporary lyrical, Cho Show of 2015 is an event you won’t want to miss.

Chinese Dragon Dance featuring Wendy Hu ’16, Derrick Tang ’15, Jack Millar ’17, and Mikyle Hassanali ‘17
Contemporary lyrical duet performed and choreographed by Elena Ciotta ’15 and Emma Yates ‘15
7/8 grade classical French ribbon dance
5/6 grade group dance
“Blackbird” a contemporary lyrical dance performed and choreographed Claudia D’Auria ’16 featuring live acoustics
An Umbrella Dance by Vera Potter ‘17
7/8 grade ballet/lyrical group dance
Belly dance choreographed and performed by Wendy Hu ’16 featuring Inti Brittan Karshud ’17, Kelah Winfield ’17, and Julia McDonald ‘16
Acrobatics dance by Jules Mahn ‘19
Civil Rights dance featuring Pearl Steinzor ’15, Kelah Winfield ’15 Michael Malof ’17, Jill Daniels ’16, and Mr. Socha
“Putting On The Ritz” film featuring Wendy Hu ‘16 and her shoe collection
Claudia D’Auria’s ’16 quartet featuring Elena Ciotta ’15, Emma Yates ’15, and Pearl Steinzor ‘17
“Your Brilliance is Blue”, a piece and poem by Lorena James ‘17
Ryan DiPaola ’16 and Guoda Steponaviciute’s ’16 swing dance
Lyrical solo by Natalie Halady ‘18
Elena Ciotta’s ’15 quintet featuring Pearl Steinzor ’17, Emma Yates ’15, and Ryan DiPaola ‘16
“Flight in Motion” choreographed and performed by Pearl Steinzor ’17 featuring Georgia Gurney ’17, Haley Sinicropi ’17, Claudia D’Auria ’16, Kelah Winfield ’17, Julia McDonald ’17, Inti Brittan-Karshud ’17, and Lorena James ‘17

By Pearl Steinzor ’17

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