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The dress code in the Nichols Upper School is often a topic of conversation that is debated every school year. One consensus that seems to be agreed on by everyone in the Nichols community is that Sperry Top-Sider shoes are permitted under the dress code guidelines for both male and female students. Sperry Top-Siders seem to be a very popular shoe at Nichols. There isn’t a school day that you don’t see several pairs of Sperry’s roaming the halls of the Nichols Upper School. To measure how many pairs of Sperry’s Nichols Upper School students actually own, I surveyed 54 randomly selected high school students – 32 male and 32 female. I compared the results of the survey to see which gender owns more pairs of Sperrys. The results of the survey are represented in the above graph.

The male and female graphs appear to have very different trends in data. The graph of the male students is unimodal and practically symmetrical, while the graph of the female students is bimodal, right skewed. The median for the male graph is at 3 pairs, and the centers for the female graph are at 0 pairs and 2 pairs of Sperrys. The minimum value for both the male and female graphs are 0 pairs of Sperrys, but the maximum value of the female graph is two pairs less than the maximum value of the male graph (4 pairs versus 6 pairs). For the female graph, having a center at 0 pairs of shoes indicates a lower mean of the data than the male graph (female mean=1.6 pairs versus male mean=2.6 pairs) Over half (56.25% or 18/32) of the male students that were surveyed own between 3 and 6 pairs of Sperrys, while only 25% (8/32) of female students that were surveyed own between 3 or 6 pairs of Sperrys.
The given information indicates that male students tend to own more pairs of Sperry Top-Sider shoes than female students. This information does not surprise me considering male students at Nichols have less clothing and footwear options than female students, so it would make sense for male students to have more pairs of a shoe that is permitted under the guidelines of the Nichols dress code.

By Chloe Keating ’15

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