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In a recent survey, students from each grade at The Nichols School stated how much time they spend reading for homework, and how much time they spend doing homework total, as well as which subject they preferred the most. The graph above shows what 60 students, separated by grade, said their favorite class was. The most popular choice for 9th graders was English, while for the 10th grade it was foreign language, for the 11th grade science, and math for the 12th grade. History is never the most popular, but it is always a large percentage of each grade.

This graph shows a lot variation for each grade, and does not show a universally preferred subject. The graph does, however, have more meaning when we examine the amount of time spent reading and working by every student, categorized by their preferred subject. Students who said their favorite subject was English, spend the second lowest amount of time reading each night, on average. Students who spend more time working and reading, on average, preferred science, foreign language, and history, and those who spent less, preferred English and math. Based on this data, one could assume that the seniors and the freshman spend the least amount of time doing homework, and that the juniors and sophomores spend the most. Perhaps students prefer subjects based on the amount time they spend working in that class.

In an essay by Mary Dorinda Allard, she examines many statistics on how teenagers spend their day, including school work. She even offers one statistic on the average time spent doing homework by children of parents with better education: “In addition to being more likely to do homework on an average day, high school students whose parent(s) had higher educational attainment spent more time, on average, doing homework. 24 percent of students with a parent holding a bachelor’s degree or higher spent 2 or more hours doing homework, compared with 13 percent of those whose parent(s) held less than a bachelor’s degree.” Nichols students on average spend 100 minutes on homework a night. Further surveys could determine what role parent education plays in the work ethic at The Nichols School.

By Will Viti ’15

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