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Spring break is coming up and it is probably one of the most exciting times of the year because the weather is finally getting warmer. Whether the break is spent at home with friends, on vacation with family, or on an international exchange, it is definitely a great time to relax without having school. I spoke to students and faculty about their plans for the break and it sounds like many of them are going to have a very fun and relaxing time.

A few of the juniors I spoke to, including Annabel Bacon and Nicole Luko, are going on college tours out of state, and Annabel is also going to visit family. “Finding the best college is really hard, but the best way to get a whiff of a college you’re thinking about is to smell it and smell it, you have to be there. The scents create an aura and how that aura makes you feel guides you to where you’d like to spend four crucial years of your life. I hope to find such a feeling over break and if not then, the next time I go to visit colleges,” said Luko.

Nick Huckell, class of 2018, is going to Disneyland in California with his family for three days. He says, “People say Disney is a very happy place so I guess I’m just excited to be in a fun, positive environment.”

Jayne Appelbaum, class of 2017, is going to be relaxing with her family on the beach in Florida. “I’m excited to tan and swim. It’s been an awful winter,” she says.

Ms. Gardner is going to Prague to teach at the Duncan Center Conservatory, founded by Isadora Duncan, the mother of modern dance. Ms. Gardner mentioned that she is very excited for her adventure and will come back ready to contribute even more to the dance program at Nichols.

There are three different exchange programs taking place during spring break. The Chinese exchange is taking 12 students to Wuhan, Beijing and Shanghai for three weeks. “China is going to be awesome, I can already tell. I think the best part is I’m going with all my friends,” said Pearl Steinzor, class of 2017.

The French exchange is taking nine students to Paris for one week and Le Havre in Normandy, which is in the north of France, for the remainder of the trip. “I am so excited to go to France because it is something I have never experienced, so I feel very blessed to be able to go and not only enjoy my time there, but also learn new things,” said Maia Manney, class of 2016.

The Spanish exchange is taking 10 students for two and a half weeks to Gijòn, which is in the north of Spain. “It is a great chance to learn about Spain and experience the culture while becoming better at the language!” said Sean Mann, class of 2015.

It sounds like many fun things are going on during this spring break, and I hope everyone has a great time and comes back to school rejuvenated and ready to finish out the year! Happy spring!

Libby Malone ’18

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