Tim Hortons: A Favorite Amongst Nichols Seniors

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The seniors at Nichols School are permitted to leave school during the morning to go and get food from places off campus. After giving a survey to 59 students in the senior class it was determined that the student’s favorite place to get food from is Tim Hortons. Out of these 59 students 42.4 percent of them chose Tim Hortons as their favorite. The students were also asked to identify their gender. The data shows that Tim Hortons is still the favorite even when the students are separated by gender. Out of the 31 males that took the survey, 13 of them or 41.9 percent prefer Tim Hortons. Out of the 28 females that took the survey, 12 or 42.8 percent of them prefer Tim Hortons. Gender does not seem to be a factor when it comes to liking Tim Hortons. However, this is not the case with some of the other categories. Spot came in third with 15.3 percent of students picking this as their favorite place. When you break the data for Spot down based on gender you see that gender definitely is a factor in this case. 8 out of 28 females (28.6%) prefer Spot while only 1 out of 31 males (3.2%) prefer Spot. While the percentages for Tim Hortons are split between males and females, the percentages for Spot are higher for the females than for the males. Bagel Jay’s comes in second place with 25.3 percent of all students choosing it as their favorite. The variation based on gender is not as significant as the variation for Spot, but there is still a little difference between genders. 6 out of 28 females (21.4%) and 9 out of 31 males (29%) prefer Bagel Jay’s. 11.9 percent of the students choose “other” as their preferred place to get food and 19.4 percent of males chose this while only 3.6 percent of females chose this. Starbucks was the least popular place to get food with 5.1 percent of all students choosing it. 3.6 percent of females and 6.5 percent of males felt that Starbucks is their favorite place to get food. Gender is not a factor in the case of Tim Hortons, but it does seem to be a factor in the other cases. Based on the data the majority of students in the senior class prefer to get their food from Tim Hortons.

By Elizabeth Bourne ’15

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