Top 5 Songs to Liven Your Summer Playlist

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Music has always been something associated with summer. Summer festivals, summer parties, and, of course summer songs. As we’ve reached the half-way point of summer, you might already have some quality summer jams picked out, but I’ve compiled some suggestions to lengthen your summer playlist.

1. “New Romantics” – Taylor Swift: Taylor has already proven herself to be a pop music juggernaut with her album “1989,” but this track is easily the most pop-iest song she’s done. With soothing synthesizers and a delightfully infectious chorus, this is a great song to cruise around to. This was originally a target-exclusive bonus track on “1989” but Swift recently uploaded it to iTunes so listen away!

2. “Call It Off” – Shamir: Shamir is a Las Vegas based singer songwriter with an amazing blend of funk, electronic and hip-hop. “Call It Off” is an amazing break up anthem, fueled with crazy synths and Michael Jackson-esque falsetto. It even has a cow bell—what more do you need? A perfect song for when you’re ready to end your summer fling.

3. “Wonder Woman” – Lion Babe: Lion Babe is the up-and-coming R&B/ pop duo of producer Lucas Goodman and singer Jillian Hervey (daughter of the goddess Vanessa Williams). They have a killer self-titled EP out right now and even performed at the NFL Draft. Their latest single “Wonder Woman” is the product of a collaboration with the notorious hit maker Pharrell Williams. This is definitely a more mellow jam, but a powerful one nonetheless. Lion Babe is one of those acts that is going to become very popular very soon, and you can brag to your friends that you heard of them before they were big. You’re welcome.

4. “Dreaming” – Blondie: Honestly, Blondie is appropriate for every season. However, “Dreaming” is so light and airy that it is just a perfect summer song. An oldie, but a g-oldie nonetheless.

5. “Alone Again” – Betty Who: The clear 80’s vibe of this song is just perfect for summer. It has everything I look for in a pop song: 1) drum machines 2) a good old fashioned twangy guitar and 3) a catchy chorus. A definite success from one of pop’s biggest up-and-comers.

Brian Tank ’17

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