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The survey I conducted was a random sample of 43 members of the senior class. I asked three questions, “Of the following candidates, who do you think will make the best President of the United States if elected in 2016?”, “If you were able to currently vote or if you are already 18 years of age, which major political party would you register with?” and “What do you intend to major in college?”

Based on the survey, Donald Trump would win the 2016 presidential election among this population with Bernie Sanders in a strong second even though there are double the amount of republican candidates as democratic candidates to choose from.

Based on the survey, most people in this population who identify themselves as democrats most likely voted for Bernie Sanders and the major that was most popularly chosen was undecided. In addition, people in this population who identify themselves as a republican most likely voted for Donald Trump and the most popular major chosen was business.

The population of this survey has almost an even split between the democratic and republican parties with votes (18D 26R.) However, the majority of the population voted either for a strong democratic candidate or a strong republican candidate with very few moderate candidates chosen which is unusual for such a young survey population.

By Maren Cipolla ’16

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