What do Nichols Students Drink at Lunch?

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Every day when traveling through the halls of Nichols one will hear the question “what did you eat for lunch today?” but rarely will anyone ever speak about the drink choices. Recently however, I looked into the rarely asked question that is what do Nichols students drink at Lunch?

Of all the choices offered at the school, regular water was overwhelmingly the most popular drink selection with around 60% of students saying that they normally drink water at school. However, what came as more of a surprise was the fact that almost 13% of students said that they usually elect to drink nothing during the lunch period and 69% of those students said that they would rather have Gatorade as another available option in the lunch room. The least frequent drink choice was 2% milk with only around four percent of all students saying their favorite drink at lunch is skim milk.

Once I found out the total percentage of surveyed students, I looked deeper into the data to see if grade level affected drink selection. The breakdown of drink selection appeared to be very similar throughout all of the grades except for the senior class. While water was the top choice of drink selection for every grade, seniors drank substantially more water (87.5% said they usually drink water) than the rest of the student body (closer to 50%).

Interestingly enough the juniors, usually carrying the largest workload of all of the student body, had the highest percentage of students that said that they drink nothing from the lunch room. Instead most of them elected to buy something from the vending machines on campus. In order to be more efficient, the cafeteria should get rid of 2% milk, and instead look into getting a different option like Gatorade. The most evident thing I learned during my survey was that although there may be several different types of drink choices in the Nichols cafeteria, most students do not take advantage of all of them and instead just choose to drink water more than anything else.

By Stephen Foley ’15

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